Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The dark, the grey...

One of the cooler things about living on the shores of Lake Superior is the view you get of the sky and the distant horizon. Depending on where you are on the Lake, you can get more than a 180-degree view of the true horizon. Among other things, that can mean that you have the first glimpse of a weather system coming in.

Yesterday I was at Sugarloaf Cove and then at a friend's house in Schroeder. It was a beautiful afternoon; the morning clouds had cleared and the sky was clear blue...except for a big mass of dark grey clouds on the south-west horizon. Yes, I'd read the weather forecast, so I knew intellectually that it was going to cloud over and rain for the next five days. But from that shoreline in Schroeder I could see it: beautiful, windy, sunny big wave day here, grey and cloudy there. And soon grey and cloudy in Schroeder, too.

On the way down Highway 61, I drove under the clouds right near Gooseberry. Now, home on Park Point, I am already sick of the grey, the wind, the rain.

I hate to say I told me so, but....I told me so.

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