Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lots of snow...we need snow

According to the weather folks, we have about 12" of snow on the ground here in Duluth, or about average in terms of percentile. I've been skiing for two months already. But we need snow...new, fresh snow. Yesterday the forecasters tempted us with visions of 4-6" of new stuff, but only a half-inch fell. Tragedy.

Maybe drive to Brule and the Afterhours Trail?

Two websites you gotta bookmark for monitoring winter conditions in Minnesota:

This is updated every week (on Thursday) and gives you snow depth statewide. One map gives you the current snow depth, and the other shows you how this week's snowdepth compares to snowdepth historically, i.e. what percentile this amount of snow falls into compared to other years.

This shows Lake Superior conditions. Click through to the latest "Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis." It combines lake surface water temperatures with current ice coverage. Yes, Lake Superior is frozen over as far as my eye can see, but there's still open water in the middle. The crazy ice anglers are headed out from the mouth of the Lester River.

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