Thursday, November 13, 2008

The light at Split Rock

It was a beautiful evening at Split Rock Lighthouse this Monday. The lake was calm, glowing and smooth. The moon rose stealthfully in the eastern sky. People were smiling, telling stories, faces lit. The fact that it had been 33 years to the day since the Edmund Fitzgerald had passed by a dark Split Rock Light on its way to its destiny seemed novel, out of place.

A ship passed by in the distant shipping lane, under the waxing moon.

Then they began to read the names and toll the bell. 29 times. Plus one with no name, for all the other mariners who have perished on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior has claimed her dead and tucked them into dark places for eternity. Tonight, however, we were alight and alive.

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LSR said...

Andrew, Great photos on a nice evening. Do you mind if I save that one photo of the bell ringing as I never get a chance to take photos during the event? What is that one person doing in the first shot, counting the blocks in the lighthouse? Good to see you that evening, LEE