Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walk Lake Walk

Everyone loves Duluth's Lakewalk. It's been such a joy as a resident of Duluth to see how both locals and tourists alike flock to the water's edge to enjoy parts or all of the three mile paved path along the lakeshore.

Unfortunately, it is treacherously icy right now. Before the blizzard really got going this weekend, it threw waves and freezing rain onto the shore. In fact, part of the Lakewalk near the Fitgers area has been closed due to damage from the storm.

If you want a little safer, less slippery Walk by the Lake, try the Sonju Trail in Two Harbors:


clairity said...

That first shot is just great!

Andrew Slade said...

Thanks...It was also super cold. I had to tie off our poodle to an icy post, dig the camera out from under my vest, and fiddle with bare fingers to get the right angle.