Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I love the North Shore, in full color

A picture is worth a thousand words. And even if I could write poetry, which I can't, a thousand words of love-poem verse wouldn't be enough to capture just how much I love LOVE LOVE having all this snow on the North Shore. All that dark blue and purple on these maps from Minnesota Climatogy Working Group practically make me salivate with lust for snow and ski trails.

If you're reading this in the orange or red or brown Twin Cities, please accept my condolences...and please start planning your last trip north for the ski season.

Even if you're stuck in Duluth, like I often am, don't let those green and blues get you down. There's plenty of snow here, especially after yesterday's storm. And a trip up Highway 61 gets you even more snow. Those blues get pretty dark starting around Two Harbors. Take a turn left up into the hills starting around Silver Bay and you are in blessed purple country. That's purple for snow depth of over two feet, not for the sticky late-season ski wax.

Enough talk of love...tomorrow I'm going skiing at Lutsen.


Brian said...

Way down here in Rochester, it may be brown on the map, but it's white on the ground (mostly). I could sure go for some of that purple though!

Blogging the North Shore said...

Of course the day I post this map, southern MN gets hammered with a foot of snow. It's still winter here and there!