Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye, Moab Man

Over the years, your car becomes you. All those miles driving with friends and family. All those arrivals at trailheads and put-ins. And, of course, the stickers you apply.

Moab Man joined our Honda CRV after a particularly fun road trip three years ago through southeast Utah. It's a very simplified version of a real petroglyph just outside Moab, Utah. We LOVED Moab Man. He was like a family pet, only one you didn't have to feed or walk. He was our freedom and our wanderlust.

Moab Man, and the car he was attached to, went to the junkyard last week.

All four of us were packed into the car and on our way to Ely for the week. A car ran a red light in downtown Duluth and bashed us hard, sending us into oncoming traffic where we got bashed hard again. Air bags went off, it was way too loud and way too scary.

Moab Man made it through the accident without a scratch, unlike me (burns and bruises) or Sally (bruises all over). We also left the Minnesota state park sticker attached to the car.

The car was totaled, and now we're wrestling with the insurance adjusters to replace the vehicle. But there's no replacing Moab Man.


Mike said...

Wow. Sorry to learn of the accident but glad you are pretty much okay.

Moab Man can be replaced http://www.hikestop.com/powerline_designz_sticker_moab_man-127063.php


Anonymous said...

Wow that is awful! You must get
that park sticker before it's too late! You should create Boundary Waters Man. Something that would be Minnesota. A little guy with a paddle or ????. Or better yet North Shore man!

Andrew Slade said...

Thanks, Mike! Behold the awesome power of the Internet! How did you ever find 1) this blog and 2) that site??

Maybe if we get a new car, Moab Man will return!

gtr said...

Yikes! Hope you recover soon, and yes, find a fun new car and stickers.

lotus said...

Despite all the bruises, I'm glad to hear everyone is OK. Funny that I just hung our Moab man rock souvenir up on our wall this weekend. Hope you find another one quickly. Trip to Moab sceduled soon?