Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best fall colors? Duluth has them now

The best North Shore fall colors are now in Duluth. Hit the Superior Hiking Trail west of Spirit Mountain and find lovely maple and white pine woods. The SHT runs through old-growth maple forest for over a mile. About half the leaves have fallen from the trees, carpeting the forest floor.

In The Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail, this section is called "Munger Trail at 123rd Ave. W. to Magney Snively Trailhead." It's also on the SHT website.

From the Boundary Ave. exit of I-35, head south on Skyline Drive through the Spirit Mountain area, a total of 2.5 miles from the freeway. There's a SHT parking lot on the left that's also used for the Magney ski trails. Hike west (or south, really) from the parking lot right into a lovely forest of tall old white pine interspersed with flaming yellow maples.

The pines are as dark as the maples are bright. You can hike about two miles west on the trail to Bardon Peak, where views open up of Duluth and the St. Lous River valley below.

Today, even the poodle had a great time:

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