Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sex and skiing together

This is not the post you think it is. "Sex and skiing together" may look like a feeble attempt to generate search engine traffic to this blog. Actually, it's something Sally and I talk about all the time. But not "sex," really. More like "gender." As in how different it is for her to ski with other women as opposed to skiing with men. But "Gender and skiing together" sounds like the title of a talk at a conference.

Simply put, men on skis are competitive fighters, women on skis are cooperative talkers. 

I've skied on Duluth's fine Piedmont trails twice in the last few days. Piedmont is "double-tracked," which means it has two classic ski trails groomed side by side. It's perfect for skiing with another person...friend or foe. 

Today, a fresh inch of fluffy snow covered the tracks and the branches and it was lovely. As I passed the great overlook of the city and stopped to take some photos, two women skied past me. The two women were taking their time on the trail and chatting away. They were talking about how pretty the snow was and how the sunlight was lighting up the forest. 

I skied past the same overlook on Saturday with my older son. We were actually talking, although it was about ski technique and waxing, not how lovely the forest was.

Just past the overlook, the trail heads down a long gradual hill. Of course, the son and I stopped all conversation and got into a race down the hill, side by side. At first I just wanted to compare the glide of my skis with least that's what I said. 

His glide was better. I started pushing with my poles. He did too. 

I made some comment like, "What a great ab workout!" And then I did a massive face plant. I totally lost that race.

The ladies today did no face plants. They chose to stay side by side, all the better to talk and share the experience.  

Guys, at least this one father and his son, are almost always showing off. If you could wax your skis with testosterone, guys would always be the fastest around.

Girls just wanna have fun.

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