Tuesday, January 25, 2011

North Shore dog ski...the Ultimate Outdoor Experience?

So you love the North Shore. And you love to ski. To top it all off, you love your dog. What if you could combine all of those into ...The...Ultimate...Outdoor...Experience?

Don't try strapping four tiny little skis onto your dog's paws, try skijoring instead. Or at least try taking the hound out with you when you ski.The dog will love it. You might like it too.

Suffice to say that with our psychotic, self-centered poodle, it's not about pulling forward to go fast. It's not a mini-version of a Beargrease sled dog team all focused and working together. With Chloe, it's all about her and whatever whim strikes her.
In the Duluth area, there are four ski trails that allow dogs on the groomed ski trails:

Lester Park golf course  
Separate from the well-known Lester Park ski trails, this is a 3 kilometer loop along the fairways of the golf course. Chloe is in her glory in the picture above. 

Boulder Lake
Sundays and Thursdays are dog days at Boulder. Chloe, floppy ears and all, actually looks pretty focused in the picture at top.

Snowflake Nordic
Most used by local ski teams and Olympians, this private trail system allows members to bring their dogs anytime. 

Biskey Ponds
A new ski trail system at Fish Lake north of Duluth, they allow dogs on Sunday afternoons and Mondays...on the trail called "Wolf Run Loop."

The options dwindle a bit as you head up the North Shore. But the scenery and wildness improve.

Summit View Trail, Sugarbush
Head up toward the summit of Carlton Peak on this designated dog trail. It starts from the Britton Peak trailhead off the Sawbill Trail.

George Washington Pines

Just north of Grand Marais on the Gunflint Trail, you and your dog will enjoy this 3.5 K loop through the woods, just like Bryan Hansel and friends did. Check out the video!

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