Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skiing Duluth: From cow moose to cowbell

One of the great things about skiing on the North Shore is all the variety of trails we have. In the course of 60 minutes this week, I was on two different ski trails, a few miles apart, but they were as different as could be.

I started on the Canosia Wildlife Management Area trail (above). This is just north of Duluth, 2.5 miles north of the Martin Road on Ugstad Road. For years a local volunteer would groom the 4.5 kilometers of trail that wind through different habitats. Apparently, that volunteer isn't grooming this year, so the trail is left to skiers and animals to track for themselves. The trail was quiet and peaceful. A few chickadees were singing their spring "fee bee bee" territorial song. I've seen more wildlife from this trail, including a large and peaceful moose, than any other ski trail in the Duluth area.

30 minutes later, I was at Snowflake Nordic Center, cheering for my son in a ski meet. The "trail" was groomed wide and smooth. The "wildlife" was just the wild colors of the teams' Lycra jerseys. This was not quiet and peaceful like Canosia; let's just say, thanks to cheering parents and coaches, there truly was "More Cowbell!" And a few vuvuzelas, though they're plastic and don't work as well in the cold. 

There's something for everyone. More cow moose...and more cowbell!

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