Friday, April 15, 2011

North Shore rivers are at their peak!

North Shore rivers are still running high. It's a great time to visit your favorite waterfall and see what it looks like in full flood. 

The peak flow time on North Shore rivers moves from Duluth up the shore. Above is First Falls, on the Knife River, from a few days ago just after the ice went out. Remote gauges show that the run-off peaked on April 10. , the day after I was there. It's easy to visit this falls, just pull off the Highway 61 Expressway and turn into the wayside rest area. You'll hear the falls upstream about 60 yards, and there's even a paved walkway to a viewing area. 

 The Sucker River seems to have hit its peak a few days ago and is starting to come down again. But when I was there on Tuesday afternoon, a good four miles upstream from Lake Superior, it was running so high a good kayaker could have paddled down it. Normally this stretch (just off Ryan Road) is just a trickle. 

Moving up the shore, stream gauges seem to show that the Poplar River is at or near its peak. But just to be sure, check out this video showing the Cascade River two days ago:

Check out a North Shore river this weekend!

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J.L.Decker said...

Hey there! I'm a Duluthian and a Steelhead fisherman and its really quite something to behold when the ice goes out on the shore! Especially the Knife River! It always means trout fishing is just around the corner! Thanks for the pics and the video! Enjoyed this a lot!