Monday, August 1, 2011

Duluth beyond Lake Superior

Park Point message says it all: "I LOVE DULUTH."
Newspaper readers in Minneapolis, Kansas City and even Miami recently got a great tour of our fair city, Duluth.

Star-Tribune reporter Curt Brown did a great job catching the charming back corners of the Zenith City. Maybe you'll find some pointers too!

Duluth beyond Lake Superior: Turn your back on the big water for a while - Travel Wires -

1 comment: said...

The tourist writer is a bit cheesy. All these stories sound the same in papers. I found myself in a place where I expected people with no teeth etc etc. Please!
Sara's Table is a awesome place and
so are others written about. But it just all sounds cheesy. I think your hiking book is well written as it is informative without the cheese. Facts and observations!