Monday, October 17, 2011

It's see-through season: Hike the ski trails of Duluth

Nearly bare tree on Superior Hiking Trail, Duluth, Fall 2011
It's see-through season. Say it three times fast and it's a tongue twister. Say it three times slowly, like you mean it, and then head for your nearest hiking trail...or even better, your nearest ski trail.

Every year brings a window of opportunity for unique hiking. The lovely leaves and their fall colors have fallen off the trees. The ground is dry. The ski trails have been mowed, their tall summer grasses trimmed to lawn-like height. 
Mount Trudee as seen from a Tettegouche hiking trail, Fall 2009
You can literally see through the forest. Distant ridgelines you never knew were there are as clear as the logs underfoot. Lovely views of Lake Superior open up where before it was just leaves.

Piedmont ski trails and a poodle, Fall 2010
If you're in Duluth, now's your chance to head for the city's vast system of cross-country ski trails, without your skis.

At the Magney ski trail, walk in from the parking lot and hike the Bardon Peak loop.  

At the Piedmont ski trail, the far eastern side of the trail is the driest and the best hiking.  

At the Chester Park trail, walk the whole 3.2 kilometer loop.

At Hartley Park, you can combine the Superior Hiking Trail with the Inner or Outer ski trail. 

Finally, at sprawling Lester Park, you can explore miles of ski trail; just don't get lost. 

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