Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food truck trend hits Duluth beach neighborhood

Chow Haul food truck serves the Park Point neighborhood
 Now we know we've made it. Our sleepy little neighborhood on the Lake Superior beach now has a food truck. Every Wednesday night this summer Chow Haul has parked across the street from us, serving a clientele of locals and tourists alike. They picked this location for Wednesday nights because that's race night for the Duluth Keel Club and around 9:00 there is a regular slug of hungry sailors coming up from the two marinas nearby. 
The Aerial Lift Bridge down Lake Avenue.

Sally was out of town last night, our schedule at home was funky, so for dinner we crossed the street. I had a tasty noodle bowl, and the boys had wontons and a chipotle chicken taco.

I can't help but try a little joke here: 

Q: Why is eating on Park Point so great? 
A: Because of all the sand which is there.

Chow Haul makes regular stops around Duluth, including up by the Natural Resources Research Institute, West Duluth K-Mart, and Carmody's Pub. Best place to track them is on their Facebook page.

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