Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Shore winter? Or are we just getting started?

Duluth and the North Shore are thickened with fog, the sort of cold damp fog that feels like the snowpack just exhaled all its moisture. Just two days ago skiers were pumped about the decent early-season conditions. Me, I actually skied 6 kilometers on my son's November birthday, and that felt pretty good.

Now the snow is simply disappearing into the air and we are left hanging. Will it be another awful snowless winter after all?

Time to cling to the weather forecast, to watch the skies and to feel the wind shifts. Forty percent chance of snow for Sunday? Wax up your skis, it's gonna be a blizzard.


Dave Carlson said...

Wait a minute and the weather, and climate, will change. The official forecast for snow this past weekend (Dec 7-9) was updated often. A week ago I went out on a limb and said Little Marais is on the edge, as usual. Last Monday a friend wanted to know what to expect for a Dec 7 flight from the Twin Cities to San Francisco. I said, leave early. The flooding rains on the Pacific Coast would be finished. Right on. But then, it kept snowing all weekend in the TC. My sample weather statistics done ten years ago tell me, today December 10 thru January 17, there is a 30% chance for measurable snow each day.

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