Monday, March 17, 2008

Camping the North Shore is out!

Our second book (or fourth, depending on how and what you count) is back from the printers and headed out to bookshelves around the region. It is get this done. One book could be a fluke. But two books? With matching covers? It means that we mean business. There and Back to stay!

This is a great book and I really hope it finds a lot of readers. Not just because I want to sell books, but because I really want people to camp. Car camping in an organized campground may not be the most adventurous, wild thing you've ever done. But compared to another night at home around the TV or in a generic motel room, it's memorable, challenging, and fun.

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DaveO said...

I have many fond memories of camping in Judge Magney, Cascade, et al with my now adult kids. A couple of tents, a good dutch oven, and a sense of adventure is all you really need. And frankly if you step 100 yards off any designated trail you have all the wilderness and solitude you want. I'll need to grab your book!