Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter is holding on

A certain significant someone in my life has her birthday on March 26. If we can go cross country skiing on her birthday, that is a good thing. Though snowfall has been below average this winter, the snow we've received on the North Shore has stayed on the ground. So the birthday girl might just get a ski outing for her birthday. The city of Duluth groomers seem to have turned their PIsten Bully in for spring, but with recent small snowfalls and highs around 30 degrees, it still feels like winter.

It's been really a classic long-term weather pattern here, with big high pressure systems sitting on top of us in northern Minnesota and sending snowstorm after snowstorm along tracks south and east of here. Madison, WI has been hammered with snow, for example. They got more snow on one day last week than we've gotten in months. That storm track could still move north when it's cold enough for snow, and then we might get yet another big dump.

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