Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The North Shore: Have you seen it all?

Yesterday, I had a huge view of the North Shore. I could see all the way from Gooseberry to Tettegouche.

We were at the beach at Cornucopia, on the Wisconsin South Shore, after a fun-filled overnight in Bayfield. Sure, the North Shore was just a dark line on the horizon.

Here's a bit more detail of the Gooseberry area:

Gee, I can nearly pick out Split Rock Lighthouse.

If you're getting a little blase about the North Shore, you deserve a trip to the South Shore. Instead of steep foggy cliffs, you'll find gentle sand beaches. You can swim on the South Shore much of the summer, instead of just a day or two in August. Tourism has not turned the South Shore into one big t-shirt shop yet; instead there are villages like Herbster and Cornie, littered with abandoned fishing boats and not a cappuccino joint in sight.

If you're starting to think you've seen it all on the North Shore, come to the South Shore, where you can look to the North Shore and literally see it all. While you're swimming in warm water. Or picking strawberries. No pie shop to be found.

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Bayfieldwis.com said...

Cornie has a nice fish shop too!
Nothing better then fresh fish.
Another spot is Little Sand Bay,
I was there Sunday and as you said you could see forever. People were swimming also. It's chilly but refreshing.