Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing finer

There is nothing finer than a Lake Superior sunset.

Well, actually...

There is nothing finer than paddling a canoe with my life partner, as we've done across boundary lakes and wilderness desert rivers. Our first big date was a 10-day trip across the Quetico and our one big wedding present was a 17-foot Old Town Penobscot canoe.

Plus, the sunset gets a little finer when it's got a sun dog glowing rainbow colors off to the side.

And it's mighty fine to have all this in our backyard. Instead of reading the latest Time magazine last night, I went out for a paddle with Sally.

So here's the truth: There is nothing finer than a Lake Superior sunset and sundog viewed with my wife from our canoe just out our back door.

Except maybe that kiss on the beach afterwards.


Bayfieldwis.com said...

Wow! How do you top that?
A lady willing to go canoe in
Canada. On a date no less? Imagine that pickup line? Hey, want to go canoe the wilds for ten days?
I have to book a room at Lutsen
with indoor plumbing!

Sally said...

And I will add that I carried a 100-pound wood/canvas canoe on that "date"....and paddled in the bow down the Maligne River, constantly in fear of missing the big boulder that would have ripped a sizable hole in my boyfriend's canoe.

It must have been love!

Bayfieldwis.com said...

My gosh! Do you have a sister?

Sally said...

Actually, I do! She's a bit older than me, loves the outdoors as well...and is single.

You looking for a 50-something yr old kindred outdoor spirit? I'd be delighted to do a sisterly good deed and help in the connection.

I'd tell her to post her own reply, but currently she's on Lake Michigan near Traverse City, driving home with her sea kayak on her car.