Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colors of the season

Fall colors are all but gone for the year, but the few spots of yellow in the trees really shine, like this tree in Jay Cooke State Park yesterday. While most of the color was on the forest floor, I found a few sugar maples hanging on to their leaves; that flame of color here and there was gorgeous.

I love the way a single yellow leaf, freshly fallen on the forest floor, pops out from its rusted comrades.

This morning, the sky and the lake were a very unusual color for this fall: blue. It's been a long stretch of gray and brown and whatever color rain is.


Duck said...

I missed Minnesota Fall Colors this year. They are truly spectacular. Here in Iowa we do not have as many sugar Maples, and our colors tend to be more in the yellow and brown family. When you see a sugar maple it really stands out!

Hiking lover said...

Beautiful fall colors picture.
Mats Lundkvist