Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lookout Mountain, Star Trek style

Kirk: "Scotty! Damage report!"

Scotty: "Captain, the spruce trees are down! De look like de Klingons hit 'm with a photon torpedo."

Kirk: "Sulu, what's our course?"

Sulu: "I am sorry sir, but our map got blasted too. I cannot fix our orientation in space."

Kirk: "Attention, all crew. This is the bridge. I'm afraid the bridge is broken."

Kirk: "Let's just hope JJ Abrams changes this part of the plot line."


Unknown said...

Funny. Depressing, but funny.

Virginia bed and breakfast said...

Lookout Mountain is located at the northwest corner of Georgia, the northeast corner of Alabama, and along the southern border of Tennessee near Chattanooga. Lookout Mountain, along with Sand Mountain to the northwest, makes up a large portion of the southernmost end of the Cumberland Plateau.

Andrew Slade said...

Thanks, Virginia bed and breakfast for finding this blog and commenting. I bet there are lots of "Lookout Mountains" in the US. It's great that our little one here on the North Shore has such distinguished company!