Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coho canoe

In the early Lake Superior spring, coho salmon move in schools from the South Shore to the North Shore as the water warms, stopping for a few weeks at Duluth's Ship Canal piers. If I were only a fisherman, I'd be totally happy now, as this prime fishing spot is right in my backyard.

Instead, I just observe. Pickup trucks line our block as the guys park and head out to the piers. This spring has been so early that the motorboats are out too, trolling back and forth by our house to catch the fish many call "Lake Superior candy." Fisherman must wait hours in between bites, and the cost of those trolling boats must far, far exceed the protein value of any fish they might catch.

But the guy in the canoe was after my own heart. He paddled back and forth dragging a single line. What a great view and a great day to be out on Lake Superior.

Good luck coho canoe guy!

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