Friday, April 30, 2010

Full Circle Superior: Just keep going

You ever want to just keep going? Head out with no plans to turn around?

Kate Crowley and Mike Link took off yesterday morning on the very first leg of their walk around Lake Superior.

It was quite a scene in Canal Park for a blustery April day normally reserved for gliding gulls and stormwatchers. Mike has always been a people magnet, with his charisma and his knowledge of the natural world, so I was not surprised as he led and read his way through his own kick-off ceremony. The wind and the waves washed out most of his readings and Kate's thank you's, but the spirit was infectious.

It was pretty cute to watch Mike and Kate with their children and grandchildren. The big crowd accompanied them as far as the Lift Bridge and the start of the sand beach.

They will be accompanied by an RV sag wagon, and most of their hikes will be daylong stretches along the shoreline and adjacent trails. Watch for their rig at various beaches and overlooks as they head counter-clockwise around the big lake.

I think this will be a great experience for them, and I'm optimistic that they'll complete their journey. I might even join them for a day or two late this summer or fall as they come down the Minnesota shore.

Guess what? They started their hike with a hike out of our forthcoming Hiking the North Shore! Hike 7: Duluth Beach Walk. Except they're not going to turn around and come back like a day hiker would.

They are going to just keep going.

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