Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I heard it was hot

They say that the warmest place in the US yesterday was Minnesota. All day long, the folks on the radio were talking about how hot it was. 93 degrees in Saint Paul. 97 degrees in Cambridge.

How bizarre to bundle up while listening to a weather report like that.

Here in Duluth, on the shores of Lake Superior, we topped out at 58 degrees. That hot moist air that has covered the state met the cold waters of the big lake and WHAMMO, instant fog, goodbye sunshine.

It was so foggy that the shrubs and trees along the lake were wringing the moisture out of the fog and it was virtually raining underneath them. I took the dog out to the lighthouse and shot a short video to capture the sound of the foghorn.

It's still pea soup out there today. The South Pier foghorn is still blowing away. The boats out in the lake were sounding too, every minute per regulations. We are under a "dense fog warning" from the National Weather Service. 50 degrees here right now, 70 in Minneapolis.

Good old Lake Superior.

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Dave Carlson said...

A journalist couple visited Split Rock Lighthouse yesterday, May 24. They were gathering information for an antiques magazine, and were as interested as many visitors are in old technology.

I mentioned that the Split Rock fog signal was removed in 1961, and that the Duluth foghorn at the Lift Bridge was gone. They laughed when I said that the active fog signals they will find are little beepers at port entrances, on breakwaters such as Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay, and Grand Marais. Your video of the beeper at the historic lighthouse on the South Pier of the canal entrance in Duluth is a good example.