Thursday, May 20, 2010

Superior spring, summer sensations

Mid-May, and it feels like summer on Lake Superior. Last night the sailboats were out for their first Wednesday night race of the season. The Keel Club very thoughtfully put one of their main race buoys right off our house, so we get to see the races up close.

Much to my surprise, people were swimming in the lake as well. Swimming, dunking, not just running in and running out screaming.

Puffs of cool lake breezes contended with strong, warm southerly air all day. For the first time this year, it smelled like summer, both the cool blue smells of Lake Superior and the earthy air masses from Wisconsin and the harbor.

Summer is a'coming in!


No sooner did I post this than good old Lake Superior kicked it up. No more pleasant lakeshore ripples or stalled sailboats. The temp just dropped 15 degrees in a few minutes.


Pam said...

A year of living on the Lake and we learned quickly enjoy the weather while it’s good. That means unplug the computer and take that hike now, not in two hours when the work is done and the wind has changed. It’s the best excuse for a break. We had a beautiful hike at Split Rock Light House and then the wind kicked into high gear.

Anonymous said...

I was on Park Point this weekend
just enjoying the view of Duluth
and the nice weather. I enjoy the changes no matter what they are.