Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When trees are not enough: Down with the Timber Twister

Who needs the Myers-Briggs personality test when you've got the new Spirit Mountain Timber Twister? I took three young men up to Spirit Mountain yesterday for our first runs down the new Duluth attraction. It was my two sons and their older cousin. Everyone, from the go-for-it emotional "Gonzo" to the laid-back, analytical "Dork," took it a little differently.

(Guess who was the Dork?)

The Twister is a triumph of German engineering; the cars run smoothly and quietly through the hardwood forest. It's a bit like the Superior Hiking Trail on steroids, as you wind through the trees and occasionally pop out on a dramatic open view of the terrain below. In fact, you actually follow the SHT for a few yards. A bit of engineering and some gravity turns the boring old maple forest into an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

My boys loved it. After forced marches this summer through the woods and down the beaches, they got to let loose, run fast, hoop and holler. I guess kids actually like being in the woods when there are high-octane experiences to be had.

As the analytical Dork, I thought the whole experience was a bit short for the investment of time, energy and money. It was a 20-minute drive for a 3-minute ride. A four-pack of tickets costs $28, and the first ride leaves almost everyone wanting another trip down to go faster.

It's great to see Spirit Mountain adding summer attractions. They can find ways to use their forests and their elevation change year-round. For active families, how about adding a great mini-golf course through the woods? I'd LOVE to see a zip-line.

For our next young male adventure, I think we're going for the direct assault on Carlton Peak.

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Bayfieldwis.com said...

My young nephew has expressed alot of interest in this but so far I've managed to avoid the issue.
I will say lets go hiking or kayaking but the time is coming
when I will take the plunge down Spirt Mountain 25mph. Really not my thing at all.