Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's not THAT warm

After a lovely late winter snowfall and a fine Tour Duluth cross country ski experience, record warm temps rolled into the North Shore area and have thrown local folks in a tizzy. Last weekend, spring-hungry Duluthians were out doing the bizarre. Out past the ice piles left by the Leap Day Blizzard, two guys in a canoe drift alongside the Park Point beach, right where one year ago the ice volcanoes were still blowing. It's not THAT warm.

Although about half the Park Point beach is still covered in blue-ice boulders, there was enough sand for at least one person to stroll barefoot. It's not THAT warm.

 This was a little more like it. Duluth's Lakewalk was full of strollers enjoying the sunshine. Maybe it WAS that warm; I sure enjoyed my walk.

Just to remind us here on the North Shore how long we've got to go before it's really spring here, there's been a poof of wind off the lake the last few days. Lake Superior water is about 38 degrees, so it's a cool poof. And as the Twin Cities reaches freaky high temps in the 80s, we are still a pleasant 45 here.So even if it is THAT warm somewhere else, it sure isn't here.

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