Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ice volcanoes on Park Point

Combine big waves rolling in off Lake Superior with the big wind and a big ridge of ice at water's edge, and you get BIG splashes. 

Focus those splashes through a ridge in the ice, and you get ice volcanoes. Murky, sediment-ridden water rises from the deep, shoots skyward and rolls over the brim like lava.

All those ingredients are lining up today, and the beach here on Park Point looks like the Rim of Fire. Little Mt. St. Helens are going off all up and down the shore from Canal Park to the end of Minnesota Point. 

The wind is crazy strong. I tried to take pictures out on the ice ridges but my lens would fog up or ice over in seconds. Here's the best picture I could get, someone else down there, walking their dog:

Crazy lovely day on the Lake Superior shore!

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Bayfieldwis.com said...

Fantastic! What a wonder of the lake. This is what is so wonderful about the Lake Superior area. Always something interesting. Spring skiing in the sun this weekend and now a winter storm.
Now at Lutsen and it's all wonderful. The waves today were just so enjoyable to see. Noreaster wind.