Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting ready for Volks Ski Fest

I am all about the skiing. This weekend is the start of Volks Ski Fest in Cook County. Does it get any better than that?

If,like me, you can hardly wait, here are some teasers. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your computer, but come out this weekend too and enjoy it in person!

On Saturday, January 31, I'll be doing an interpretive ski of 3-4 km up the Onion River Road. Meet me at Lutsen Resort at 10:00, earlier if you need to rent skis. Check out the terrain in this YouTube video from Greg Fangel of the Sugarbush Trail Association.

Later on Saturday the 31st, at 1:30, I'll do another guided ski at Cascade Lodge. For a look back at my recent experience on the Cascade Trails, check out this blog posting from earlier this season. I especially like the comments that got going.

In case that's not enough, I'm headed up the Gunflint Trail Sunday morning for another guided ski at Bearskin Lodge, Here's some photos of the Bearskin trails from Flickr.


Anonymous said...

One hopes that you will be able to restrain the wilder excesses of your expression of emotion on the Cascade Downhill for the sake of your fellow skiers, dear fellow; so unseemly, all that emoting.

Blogging the North Shore said...

You know, as a Brit from way back and, also, as a guy, I have a whole lot of restraint on my emotions. Probably too much. Let a guy gurgle and erngk a bit on a ski hill.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the occasional fear-based gurgle and erngk and even ai-eek as much as the next repressed guy. When he's alone. In the forest.

But let's not let OTHER people get the feeling we have... well, feelings.