Monday, January 19, 2009

Goin' where the climate suits my clothes

Couldn't keep that Grateful Dead lyric out of my head yesterday. Noah and I walked over to Canal Park for a January round of minigolf. Our adventures on the mini-links this spring and summer, in Phoenix, Grand Marais and Ely, whet our appetite for this fine sport. So where do you mini-golf in winter? Indoors. In our case at "Thrillz," an all-purpose indoor sports place just down the street from us. Mini-golf in January in a hoodie.

My streak continues: I beat my child, 26-30. But he's getting better all the time.

On the way back, we saw a flock of ducks, probably goldeneye, tucked into the one bit of open water they could find, in the Duluth ship canal. Waves, wind and seiches keep the canal open most days, even as the rest of the lake freezes over. The goldeneye, like us, found a place where they could do their thing. Goin' where the climate suits their little feathery ducky clothes.


Lisa J said...


"Goin' where the WEATHER suits my clothes"


Silly old bear ...


Andrew Slade said...

If Jerry Garcia says "climate", it's climate.