Monday, January 26, 2009

In my spare time...

... I am researching the unpleasant topic of death on Lake Superior. I came across this mighty fine image today, and I'm sorry to say I was excited to see it.

I feel a bit like Lemony Snicket, like I should warn you to turn off your browser right now, or switch to the Disney Channel.

But should you insist on looking at this picture more, you may find that it shows the Ojibwa of Madeline Island slaughtering a group of invading Fox Indians, somewhere off the Montreal River. Apparently, the Fox had come down the Ontonagon River and snuck onto Madeline Island a few days before. They had, well, dishonored a few of the Ojibwa women. Although the call for vengeance was hot, cooler heads prevailed, and the Ojibwa waited until a fog had descended. Then they followed the Fox upshore until the lakeshore banks were steep and unclimbable. Then they pressed the advantage of their larger lake canoes against the small and tippy river canoes of the Fox. The party of 400 Fox was lost, apparently, "to a man."

Pleasant, huh?

Just ask me about some Lake Superior lighthouse keepers! Now there are some great stories of dead people. And heroic rescues, too. Something about 400 people dying in one attack on Lake Superior is extra creepy and extra sad.


Anonymous said...

A mighty fine image, indeed, and one that will be a worthy addition to your scholarly tome; If, as the Water Rat contends, there is simply nothing better than messing about with boats, how much better might it be with the addition of edged weapons?

Boating out upon Superior's billows has frequently occasioned strife and contention, whether off the Montreal River in the 19th Century or Park Point on Wednesday evenings last summer. Press on in this noble daring, Mr. Slade, and limn for us for interesting history of lighthouse keepers and their rabbit snares.

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

Well, the topic might be grisly but its always a delight to read your writing. News from favorite people up north as we dwell in the sun and warmth of Florida brings a jolt of that lovely arctic air and longings for home.

Ovidia said...

Honey, you really DO need to get back to work, don't you?!?!

Or at the very least, get one of those sun lamps!

And you call CHLOE psycho!!!