Wednesday, March 25, 2009

North Shore ice storm: My Friends say it's bad

The great ice storm of 2009 has nearly paralyzed the North Shore. It was bad here in Duluth, but much worse up the shore. Power has been out for two days in some places.

I am not there. I get updates, though, via my other online life at Facebook.

Here's what I'm hearing:

Bryan Hansel of Lutsen says "the damage is unreal."

David Carlson, of Little Marais, whose power has been out for two days, says "Heating water for coffee on a charcoal grill gives an unusual smoky flavor to espresso blend."

Kate Surbaugh of Lutsen is slipsliding away.

Sally Nankivell exclaimed "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as the ice thickened on branches and birch trees broke apart.

Worst of all, Michael O'Phelan has closed the ski trails at Cascade

I sorta wish I was there, but that's what Friends are for.

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Dave Carlson said...

Who knows if we have power yet in Little Marais. Only a couple people I know are not sharing the building with us at the AmericInn in Silver Bay. Quite the community when we're all in one place.

Thanks to Bernie Zupanich, anyone suffering from power outage got a room for $20, subsidized by him.