Friday, September 11, 2009

The cormorant who thought it was a gull

The Duluth Ship Canal is a magnet for tourists. We live just a few blocks from the Canal and the Lift Bridge, so we're often on the piers walking our dog or our boys.

Typically the wall of the piers are lined with gulls, mostly Ring-billed Gulls with the occasional Herring Gull in the mix. Each of the lightposts also has a gull perched atop. For the last week or two, someone else has been hanging out on top of the lightposts of the south pier: a cormorant with identity issues.

Here it is up close, moments before it shat it my general direction. Cormorants, FYI, have projectile feces.

I can't help but put some thoughts in this bird's head:

"Yup, just me and my buds, hanging on the lightposts..."

"Am I the only one out here actually diving under that cold water for my food??"

"Hey, who wants to play 'Duck-Duck-Goose' again?"

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