Friday, September 18, 2009

Minnesota's top dog

Sure, we all think our pets are the cutest or the most loving of all. But our shaggy poodle, Chloe, was the top dog in Minnesota yesterday. I have proof.

We summited Eagle Mountain, at 2301 feet the highest point in Minnesota. And there were no other dogs in sight. For a brief shining moment, Chloe stood on that landmark and...panted.

While I'm bragging, let me just point out that Minnesota's high point is higher than Wisconsin's. And Iowa's. And Michigan's. So Chloe was the top dog in the whole Midwest.

Woo hoo! Take a victory lap, poodle!


B and B said...

We are adding your North Shore campground book to our library.

Andrew Slade said...

Great! I know you'll use it, you do such great trips to the Shore!

Just hiked LeVeaux Peak and Carlton Peak was a lovely day and those are great trails.

Rosie said...

Was Chloe in Itasca on Labor Day?

I think I saw her there...

Andrew Slade said...

Chloe was swimming in Nels Lake, north of Ely, on Labor Day. Completely psychotic: as soon as her people were in the water, she jumped in, whimpered, swam in circles, got back to shore and ran around like a maniac chewing everything she could get her little teeth on.