Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tettegouche: The funny bits

I went for a lovely and very challenging hike yesterday at Tettegouche State Park. I took lots of pictures and will have some interesting, reflective posts here on the blog.

However, I just had to put up pictures of these two signs. The first one, for the Cedar Lake Overlook, is missing just the right letters to have it turn into a Polynesian blessing: "E-dar A-ke O Er Ook." There is a scene in Finding Nemo, where the other fish in the fish tank at the dentist's office initiate Nemo into their tropical brotherhood. Their chant is just like this. Edar Ake O Er Ook.

So I continued my trek, getting tired but hitting every overlook spur trail like a good guidebook author. But now I was powered by the Finding Nemo chant. E-dar A-Ke O Er Ook!!

As far as I knew, however, it was just random entropy that took those letters off. Sh** happens.

Then I saw the second sign, at the start of the climb to Mt. Baldy. I'd hiked six miles, my legs were sore, and I'd already climbed to four or five other overlooks:

Now I knew. This one convinced me it is not just random entropy on these signs. It's not just nature taking its course. Those particular letters didn't just fall off. Some hiker, maybe tired as I was, peeled them off in some reverse Wheel of Fortune humor.

I got around the rest of the hike pondering the potential for this sort of reverse graffiti on other signs.

Andrew Slade? Turns into "drew ad"

Barack Obama? "Bar bam"

Lake Superior? "La Supe"

Minnesota Vikings? "In so iki"

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