Wednesday, January 27, 2010

17 (chicky) reasons to Cross Country ski

This list is from the website for Athleta, a mail-order company that specializes in groovy outdoor/exercise clothes for women. I see my lovely active wife on every page of the catalog, romping outdoors, off at yoga class, and it was she that sent me this link.

Enjoy...and get inspired to get out there. The snow is back on the North Shore and the skiing is great from Duluth to Grand Marais and beyond.
  1. Cross Country skiing is the best FULL BODY workout — arms, legs, core, heart!
  2. XC skiing is low impact on your body. If you have joint pains or injuries, Nordic Skiing is body-friendly.
  3. No lift lines!
  4. You won’t get cold on the chairlift ride up.
  5. It’s way more affordable than downhill skiing.
  6. At certain trailheads you can even take your dog.
  7. It’s peaceful and allows for an opportunity for stress relief and/or self-reflection.
  8. It can be fast-paced and daring if you want it to (steep hills with big turns on skinny skis and no metal edges!!!).
  9. Spandex while skiing is fun (but also highly optional).
  10. Skiing in fresh tracks feels like cutting through silk.
  11. It’s a great family sport for all ages.
  12. There are many places to do it – established areas with groomed trails, a neighborhood park, or a Forest Service trailhead.
  13. There are two totally different techniques to choose from – skate or classic.
  14. Cross Country skiing is aerobic (it will work your heart!) but it will also work your muscles!
  15. You can ski and pull a small child in a Chariot (the skiing equivalent of a jogging stroller).
  16. You will have earned your glass of red wine and cheese at the end of the day!
  17. XC skiing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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lotus said...

Thanks for the tip #15!!! I was so worried we would have to wait a few years before we could ski. Now, I'm really looking forward to skiing next winter with Baby!