Thursday, January 7, 2010

Faceplant therapy

A few days back, I took a spill on the ski trail at Hartley Field in Duluth. It was a decent faceplant on a totally flat trail. Embarrassing? A little bit, but I was alone out there.


Viewing this video from the World Cup race in Duesseldorf was quite therapeutic. Caution: the soundtrack is...well...therapeutic as well.

If I fall in the woods all by myself, no one needs to know. Especially when I was on the flats, so there was no great story to tell about, say, whipping down a huge turn and avoiding the moose.

But when you're on an artificial ski track in the middle of a major European city and there's six other skiers and twice as many cameras beaming you live across the continent...well, that's hard to keep a secret.

When you catch a ski tip and spin out like a rag doll...

When you are on the ground only a few seconds from the starting gate...

May as well let the whole world know.

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