Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best North Shore is on the air

Larry Weber's Backyard Almanac...
Laura Erickson's For the Birds...

And now, Andrew Slade's Best North Shore. Coming to you LIVE from KUMD every other Tuesday morning at 8:15. 

Above, Northland Morning host Lisa Johnson donned the fashion must-have of the deer season, the same blaze orange cap and vest I had in yesterday's post. About which one observant reader commented, "It takes a bigger man then me to wear a outfit like that and post it to a blog." How about a smaller woman, Anonymous? Listen to the whole broadcast here.

Tune in every Tuesday morning at 8:00 or so. If it's not my week, it's Howard Mooers' week, and he'll be talking about astronomy stuff.

Thanks, Lisa!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! The comment was
a positive one as it does take a bigger man to allow himself some silliness and post it online. You have to love KUMD and WTIP as well.
Local programs at both stations really are wonderful.

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