Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrate urban skiing with Tour Du Luth

One of the coolest North Shore cross country ski events is taking place this weekend in Duluth. It's the seventh annual Tour Du Luth, a year-end celebration of this city's great skiing. It's not a race, but a chance to ski any or all of the city's 80-plus kilometers of ski trail.

Ski any of these trails, record your accomplishments on the sign-in sheet, then come to the year-end potluck at Hartley Nature Center. There are suggested start times for each trailhead, starting at 8:00 AM at Magney Snively and ending at 5:00 at Hartley Nature Center. It's all FREE.

Two years ago, Pete Lande skied all 85 kilometers. The year before that, a pack of crazy guys not only skied all the trails but rode their bikes between each trailhead. 

Duluth city groomers are out today getting the trails in shape. 

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