Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring thaw on the Gunflint Trail

There is a lovely post on the Gunflint Trail blog about "subtle changes" in the woods and on the lakes this time of year. The chickadees are singing "fee-bee" and the lakes are crusty enough to walk on.

The meteorologists say that it's spring. All the snow in the woods and below-zero temps at night say it's winter. You can pick how you want to experience it, but it's definitely a time of gradual transition in the woods. 

Each day starts cold and warms up. Each day feels like the transition from winter to spring is happening anew.This is a great time to strap on your no-wax skis or your mukluks and get out into the woods.  When the sun comes out on a March day on the North Shore or the Gunflint Trail, you can ski or hike outside all day and never feel a chill. The sun sets around 6:00, so you can have a full afternoon on the trail. Then it's back to a warm cabin and the cycle starts over again the next day.

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Anonymous said...

The mueseum at the end of the trail is very nice. On Moose pond drive or something like that?
It is a wonderful drive up the trail during springtime. If you're lucky you spot some wildlife.