Friday, April 3, 2009

I declare ski season over

Today the Sugarbush Trail folks announced that they have 16 inches of fresh snow and groomed trails up the Onion River Road, near Lutsen. Today Snowflake Nordic here in Duluth announced they are open with trails in good shape. Congrats to them.

Today I have declared the ski season over. Last time I tried to do that, I didn't take the ski rack off the car. Instead, I drove to Grand Marais the next day for a sloppy ski at Pincushion Mountain.

Today, for me, it really, truly is over. The ski rack is off the car.

Time for bikes and hikes.


Brian in Rochester said...

Nooooo! Please go ski then post on the blog for those of us that have no snow.

Blogging the North Shore said...

Well, I got one more trail ski in, plus some real fun on the frozen lakes around Ely, but now IT'S OVER!