Monday, April 13, 2009

Trails Hiking?

My good friends at Minnesota Power have a tendency to over-sign their trails. Maybe it's a fear of liability. When the Boulder Lake ski trails north of Duluth first opened, there were "caution" signs on every curve and dip. But this sign, at their great new trail to Kawishiwi Falls in Ely, is something new.

Birds Watching?

Lunch having?

Perhaps the sign Yoda wrote.

Here the falls are:

Enjoy them you should.


Dave Carlson said...

Illgen Falls looked something like this on our Friday morning walk. Really treacherous icy trails getting down to it. One dog anchored her feet far up the bank and would go no closer to the rushing water.

Walking the trail into the Finland campground yesterday, snow was knee deep and very wet at the base. Baptism River is full volume and flooded yards could let loose anytime. One neighbor snowmobiling his own woodland said snow is still 35 inches deep northwest of Finland. State trails are closed and rotten.

Blogging the North Shore said...

I'm guessing the Superior Hiking Trail Assc. is going to have to change their hiking plans for their annual meeting!