Thursday, June 18, 2009

The big, bare rock of Sugarloaf

I spent six years as the Executive Director of Sugarloaf Interpretive Center Association, which manages Sugarloaf Cove up in Schroeder. I fielded a lot of questions there about the name, "Sugarloaf." There's a big bare rock out on the point that makes up the Cove. That is the Sugarloaf. Turns out, other people have claimed that name for their own big, bare rock.

Down in Winona a few weeks back, I took in Minnesota' other Sugarloaf. Not the motel, the big bare rock up on the hill.

Then there's this famous Sugarloaf, the big bare rock in Rio:

And who can ever forget this Sugarloaf? It's rock, big and bare. Come on, remember "Green-eyed Lady"?

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Ovidia said...

OK, inquiring minds (mine) wanted to know, so I looked it up:


1. a large, usually conical loaf or mass of hard refined sugar: the common form of household sugar until the mid-19th century.
2. anything resembling this in shape.

It explains the rocks ... but the band? Not so much.