Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finger Point trail

Grandma's Marathon has plugged up Canal Park tighter than a North Shore log drive, I'm stuck here on Park Point for the weekend. That's not so bad, since it's an incredibly gorgeous day, temps surprising us in the 90s. Unfortunately the Lake Superior water is too cold for a good swim.

I'm stuck at the far west end of the North Shore, but I'm thinking about the far east end and a great hike I had there four or five years ago, on the "Finger Point Trail." It's a a really cool hike literally just past the Canadian border, right across Pigeon River.

I found this link, the only reference online to this terrific little trail. Get your passport out and go!

UPDATE 6/28/09: Just found this page, thanks to Grand Portage photographer and explorer Travis Novitsky.

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