Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"On" and "in" the Lake...it's summer

We get to change our prepositions now. It's summer. We're not just "by" Lake Superior anymore. We're on it. For heaven's sake, we're IN it.

We're not "on the shore"; we're "on the lake." This Father's Day, my brother-in-law David took a boat full of three generations of the family out on his 30-foot speed boat. We went under the lift bridge, spun around in some big surf, then cruised the harbor.

Here's our son after sitting in the bow for a stiff headwind:

Today, the whole family hit the backyard beach en masse for the first time this year. It was a big day on the beach, as temps in the 80s inland drove the crowds across the lift bridge to our neighborhood. While the hundreds of others on the beach made it about ankle deep, we were in that lake. Under the water. Leaping after wayward Frisbees. Dunking and splashing and playing hard.

Lake Superior, you are no longer just big and scary. You are big, scary, and a lot of fun. It's summer.

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