Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who needs a visitor center? Get hiking!

Grand Portage State Park is a lovely little park, with all the waterfalls, walks and wildflowers a North Shore state park should have, but without the huge crowds. And for this summer, the park doesn't even have a building.

Until this spring, the one building at the park was an older family home converted into office and visitor space. Now that home/office is being torn down. By next year, there will be a super-cool new facility, a combination of park office, wayside rest, and Ojibway history interpretive exhibit.

The walk to High Falls is great for all ages, following a wide paved trail with some really nice interpretive signs. The hike to Middle Falls is challenging and leads to great overlooks. So there's plenty to do this year without the visitor center. But next year, this park will take a great leap forward and should be on everyone's North Shore adventure list.

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