Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The ascent of man, the start of ski season

It's a classic image, the progression of, well, MAN from lurching primate to a well-oiled and well-coiffed white guy.

I learned in Tettegouche the other day that there's two more steps in the evolution, from muscle man to hiker, and from hiker to cross country skier. Funny how they begin to get more crouched over, not less.

I think in the final step, the skier gets another ski pole.

Regardless, it's November and it's time to start skiing. That's the evolution of Andrew, if not Homo sapiens in general.

Deer season is two weeks of hiker exile from the woods of the North Shore. During deer season, the snow should start to fall and by Thanksgiving, I fully expect there to be snow.

I am ready for the Ascent of Andrew from hiker to the yet more evolved state of skier.

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