Monday, November 16, 2009

Go to the Lakewalk. This week.

The weather forecast for the next three days is sunny and warm. Warm at least for November in northern Minnesota. Get outside. On the North Shore, if possible.

And why not head for the trail that is:

1) the longest lakeshore trail on the North Shore


2) the easiest to get to?

That would be Duluth's Downtown Lakewalk. There are 2.5 miles of trail right on the shoreline. In the middle of deer season, it's a walk so safe you don't need to wear any blaze orange.

Take your time on a sunny day to get off the trail and hang out on the ledgerock shoreline that was scoured smooth by the glaciers. Visit the mouths of the creeks as they emerge from under the city to reach Lake Superior.

Parking in Canal Park is free now. Most of the tourists are gone. The afternoon light is gorgeous as the sun is headed for the horizon by 3:00. Get out for a hike, and afterward get an early start on your holiday shopping (I heartily recommend Northern Lights book store and Sivertson's Gallery).

See you out there! NOTE: The City of Duluth is about to start construction on another massive sewage overflow holding tank, right by the corner of the Lakewalk by Endion Station. Lakewalk foot and bike traffic will be detoured up through Lakeplace Park. That's a good thing: more people should check out the cool landscaping, the storm pavilion, and the groovy public art found up there.

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