Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cheaper gas in Two Harbors: A geopolitical plot?

Here's a way to save (literally) a buck or two on your next trip to the North Shore: Buy your gas in Two Harbors. Week after week, the gas in Two Harbors is about seven cents cheaper per gallon than in Duluth. On Monday, gas was $2.58 in Two Harbors and $2.65 in Duluth.

Fill up a big, empty tank and save enough money to put some ice cream on your pie.

Apparently the Krist station sets the low price, and the other stores match it.

Here's where this gets interesting. The word is that Krist is actually owned by Citgo, which is largely owned by Venezuela. Is the populist leader Hugo Chavez behind this all? Is there a plot to hook us all on cheaper gas? This is the same country/"dictator" who offered super-cheap heating fuel to Native American communities, including our own Grand Portage.

Personally, I'm a total addict of the North Shore's Holiday Stores. I know them all and what kind of cheap cappuccino they serve. I make a point of filling up in Two Harbors on my way back home, partly for the tiny savings and partly for one last bit of caffeine for the final miles. Geopolitics? Nah, just a sweet tooth.


Anonymous said...

I like Holday stations as well.
There is one in Grand Marais also.

Always top up in Two harbors!!

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason gas is higher in Duluth is that Superior is always higher due to a higher gas tax. So, Duluth has no reason to drop their prices. Further evidence that Citgo is not to blame for lower prices is that this anomaly existed before the Citgo was built. (speaking from 10 yrs of N Shore commuting)The BP is locally owned and displays the North Shore prejudice of "you ain't from around here" and offers a top secret five cent per gallon discount to locals who pay cash.