Monday, June 14, 2010

Detour to Lester Park

Starting June 21 (a few days after Grandmas Marathon; no coincidence), virtually all traffic headed to the North Shore will be detoured at the eastern edge of Duluth. This is not the Megaproject (aka Armageddon) on Duluth's stretch of I-35, but the repair of the historic bridge over the Lester River.

The bridge really is historic: it's on the National Register. The opportunity the detour provides is historic as well.

If you're like 95% of the travelers to the North Shore, you have driven right past Lester Park without knowing it's there. Now's your chance to change that.

Lester Park is the first real North Shore park. It's got the churning waterfalls, it's got the tall white pine trees, it's got lovely trails.

The detour will take you off London Road and on to Superior Street. Follow the detour for about two blocks on Superior Street, and turn left on Lester River Road. The main parking lot for Lester Park is on your left after about 200 yards. Park there and head across the stone foot bridge, which gives you your first view of the Lester River.

Let the kids play at the big playground for a bit and get your bearings. Lester River and Amity Creek join right below the playground. After playing off some steam, take off and explore Amity Creek. A lovely trail goes up one side and back down the other, past some of the largest and most beautiful white pines on the North Shore. Crazy local high school boys might be jumping off the waterfall into what they call "The Deeps."

It's a great bit of Duluth you've driven by a hundred times. This summer is your explore Lester Park.


samh said...

To have visited "all" the "North Shore parks" and have not seen Lester qualifies as a real shame so take these suggestions seriously and check out this amazing park right within the confines of Duluth.

Anonymous said...

It's one of the best stops in Duluth frankly. And then go drive on seven bridges road and Skyline drive also.

Andrew Slade said...

Thanks for adding to the kudos, samh and Anonymous! I'm not the only one who like Lester! And we haven't even mentioned the skiing in winter!